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Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers


Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers:

Most often, the project started with one man, or one woman, and then the idea attracted more volunteers. We have in this book an NGO which got established in 1976 by a Swissair captain and his wife, and one that got established in 2020 in response to the pandemic, and the plight of daily wage workers in India. The range of social enterprises presented in this book is from Europe, India, the US, and South Africa. What each change-maker had in common is that they all acted selflessly, and took the first step to 'do something' meaningful, when they identified a problem. Be it to encourage artisans—to stop terrorism, or to grow rice in farmlands—to combat hunger, or to open up schools in tiger infested deltas—for deprived children. Read the book to discover more. Each chapter is divided into several short sections, including an introduction, a short bio of the change-maker, information about the organisation, their strategy, modus operandi, lessons learned, milestones achieved, products and services, keynote, and real-life, hand-picked case studies.

This book attempts to look into the minds of ten global social entrepreneurs, and their respective organizations. 

Featured social entreprises/NGOs: ACT, Asha Zurich, Humane Warriors, Protsaah, Rice Mill Enterprise (Abundance), Touching Heart, Usthi. 

Publisher: Bose Creative Publisher, published in December, 2020.