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'To support your creativity and facilitate a change, by publishing a book together.'

Book Topics: Creative arts, management topics, running diaries, sketching and painting diaries, travelogues, short stories, novels, poetry, cooking experiments, photography, flash fiction. We publish to create a change together.  This is a collaborative platform .

First Goal:  As a Publisher, we believe that everyone has a unique talent. But either you have no time to pursue that talent after your 'day job', or you are not convinced that it is worth pursuing.  It could be your talent for drawing and painting, or writing fiction and poetry, or that stubborn wanderlust and photography; that you could never really give up. 

After all, not everyone can give up their jobs and duties and become a full time writer or artist, right? There are some who can, but then lets not compare apples with pears. As a Publisher,  we will give you that platform to showcase your creativity and to make it a unique part of your life. How? 

First, you will tell us what you are good at and what is your proposal, and then we shall discuss various options. Or, maybe you are going for a 'dream travel' soon? Contact us in advance and we will give you some pointers to maintain a journal, so that we can publish a book together based on your travel memoir. Remember, true happiness comes only from fulfilling our long cherished dreams and by helping  facilitate a change for the betterment of humanity. Life is short, so why not start now?

Second Goal: As a Publisher, we feel, that most of us are privileged to have a normal life and hence the 'onus' to support the underprivileged, also lies upon us. How? For example, you could publish a book with us, and contribute to a social cause, from sales profits.  

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