Books in Progress

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Wanderlust: Travel stories anthology, published in August 2022.
In Search of Sherpur: An Immigrant's Memoir, published in Dec. 2021.
SHE Shines: Short stories based on magic and resilience, published in March 2022.

SHE Celebrates: Short stories based on 21 Indian festivals, published in Sept. 2021 (relaunched worldwide/2020 )

Emotions in Rhythm: Book of Poetry, published in August, 2021.

Indian Grandmas Secret Recipes: Indian Recipe book, published in April, 2021.

SHE Reflects: 43 flash fictions by 22 authors from @SHE.Writings, published in March, 2021.

Sketching Diaries: Urban sketches by 5  Swiss artists from their travels, published in May, 2020.

Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers: Interviews with founders and project managers, with case studies, published in December, 2020.

In Planning Open Call for Entries: 

1. Around the World in 800+ Words

Submission: Click Here

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde
This book aims to collect short travel stories from around the World. A memory that stayed with you, which you would generally share over a cup of coffee with your friends or family. It could be a short and interesting incidence that you encountered, or a touristic or spiritual experience that stayed with you. It could be any kind of inspiration: people, places, animals, sights, good or bad - something that stayed with you for a long time and you don't mind sharing with travel enthusiasts worldwide.
When we travel, we grow. But not everyone can travel far and wide. On the other hand, we all read books and travel in our minds. With this intention in mind, similar to Jules Verne's classic 'Around the World in 80 Days', we plan to come up with a book 'Around the World in 800+ Words'. Entries will be selected based on uniqueness of the story, and preference will be given to include stories from different parts of the World.
Submit your story (max. 1500 words), 2 photos (with you or without you, of the place, or subject of your story) by October 30, 2021. You can submit 1-3 entries each author.

2. Book about 'Swiss Wanderwegs: your sketches and paintings       

Submission: Click Here                                                                                                                      

1. Your sketches or paintings in high resolution, if you took any photos of the Wanderweg pls. send.
2. Your Full Name,  your profile photo, email address, Instagram name, and short bio.
3. Short description about the Wanderweg.

4. What art material did you use and technique (urban sketching, based on photo).
You can fill in this form and submit by October 30, 2021 (upto 5 entries each author).