Books in Progress



Sketching Diaries with 5  Swiss artists (published in May, 2020).
Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers (published in December, 2020).

In Progress: 

Book about 'Swiss wanderwegs: your sketches and paintings'                                                                                                                                   

1. Your sketches or paintings in high resolution, if you took any photos of the Wanderweg pls. send.
2. Your Full Name,  your profile photo, email address, Instagram name, and short bio.
3. Short description about the Wanderweg including address, and speciality about this Wanderweg, (e.g. along the river, Apls).

4. What art material did you use and technique (urban sketching, based on photo).
You can fill in this form and submit by September 30, 2020 or email to us

Grandmother's traditional Indian Recipes 

Our aim with this book is to preserve our heritage recipes that have been treasured in the family for long.  It can be a daily meal, a festive meal, a snack, a pickle, a drink, dessert or anything that has been treasured in your family. To facilitate a standard collection of data, we shall send you a google form with few set questions.  We shall also ask for photos (and videos if available). This is open to recipes from all parts of India.  Please contact us at for the form, if interested. Data collection shall continue till end of September.

Book of Poetry

(In progress: Collaborative project by SHE_Indianwomenwriters group).

Flash Fiction
(In progress. Collaborative project by SHE_Indianwomenwriters group).