Publishing Process

Bose Creative Publishers

1. Submit your proposal, discuss, volunteer.  2. Submit full manuscript.

3. Get Published.  4. Facilitate a change with your book sales. 

What are the different ways of publishing?

(1) Traditional Publishing:  In this publishing model,  an author submits a query or a manuscript to  a publisher of that genre, and after a  tough selection process (which can be time taking and biased too, based on recommendations, agents etc.), gets published. The publisher bears all costs for the book's publication and pays a 10-15% royalty to the author for book sales.  

(2) Self Publishing: In this  publishing model, an author can publish any manuscript with a publisher based on a package he buys. Packages are differentiated based on various services (publishing only, editing + publishing, publishing + marketing). Costs vary per country from 500 to 3000 CHF.  Post publication, the author receives approx. 15 to 25% royalty on book sales.

What is our publishing model?
We have a hybrid model, with a modern collaborative publishing concept. We are primarily non-commercial with two-main aims.  As a  publisher we shall first assess your proposal, and if selected, we will publish your book and share the cost of printing and publication.  We shall promote your book in social media and in our website and depend on our authors to promote the book further to generate sales. From your book's sales profit; we shall contribute all profit to a humanitarian cause.  T

Bose Creative Publishers aims is to support your creativity and help you publish a book and support a social cause.  This is how we facilitate a change.  From our first book 'Sketching Diaries' we already contributed 100 CHF to UNICEF despite the slow sales process caused due the pandemic.

How to submit a proposal or a manuscript? What are the next steps?

We are open for proposals throughout the year, but as this has a volunteer based working model, mainly coordinated by one person,  we do not have the resources to deal with more than 1-5 projects per year. Standard operating procedure (SOP) to get published include the following:

1. Send us a query at with your proposal for a book, or the full manuscript. Let us know what gives you the advantage to write this book. Tell us about which social cause you wish to support and why.  Your submission should be your original work, neither a previously published work nor any plagiarized content. Submitting to us means you have accepted our terms and conditions as stated above. 

2. In 2-6 weeks time your proposal shall be reviewed based on quality and its uniqueness, and you shall receive further instructions. There will be a review - revision round. 

3. Once your manuscript gets accepted, we will publish it and make it available in Amazon Worldwide, and several major international online distribution channels including Kindle, as a paperback and an e-book. Printing and postage will be managed from Amazon's Print on Demand (POD) options worldwide, to save time (this also means that Amazon shall keep a significant share from the sales, which is standard). We will also promote your book across Social Media and would encourage you to do the same.

4.  We shall ask you to send information about your book to all your contacts and help us recover costs and generate funds for the social cause that you have chosen to support.

Book proposals or manuscripts could be on: fine arts, sketching, painting, photography, travelogue, memoir, management lessons, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, novel.  Overall, it is a community project; as  the publisher we will help you publish the book, and you as the author shall help us create & sell your book and facilitate a humanitarian change.