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To support charitable causes during the pandemic, in 2021, we donated 1200 CHF from book sales.  In 2020, around 700 CHF.  Publisher, writers,  editors and coordinators, work as volunteers.. Support us by buying our books and writing a review in amazon, by recommending our books to your friends and family. Books listed below were published  from 2020-2023. Thank you!

She Seeks (2023)

She Seeks is the fifth book of short stories in the ‘She’ series published by a group of fourteen women authors of Indian origin spread across the world. Hailing from different professional backgrounds, the SHE project’s main aim is to provide a creative platform for women’s voices and their reflections on daily lives. None of the authors come from a ‘purely literary’ background—and yet, as scientists, bankers, professors, engineers, managers and homemakers, they all have a story to share. The stories in She Seeks essentially revolve around how humans have used their minds to navigate a complex world. The mind, in constant interaction with a dynamic environment, is perpetually seeking answers. Sometimes this takes the form of a yearning for or a desire to connect with the past—often termed nostalgia. The journey down memory lane can shed a light on a present predicament or a problem or lead to new self-realizations. In other situations, the mind works like a laser beam; honing in on an enigma or mystery with a singular objective of solving it. The mind prescribes what action is required to be taken in times of imminent danger or threats. Such actions can take the form of fight or flight, adrenalin-fueled adventures, or outmanoeuvring the adversary by deploying—to paraphrase the famous detective Hercule Poirot—one’s ‘gray cells.’  (India) (Europe, (US, (Pothi, India) (Amazon, NZ) (Amazon, AU) (Amazon, UAE)  Book Depository
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Wanderlust - Travel Stories (2022)
15 travellers have come together to write this book of anecdotes and essays from their recent travels around the world. From ship voyages, to fishing in Alaska, to visitng India's ancient forts and walls, to reaching the ends of the world in both poles. This book is unique when you read the potpourri of stories shared across Alaska, Argentina, Armenia, Italy, France, India, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, and Indonesia.

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She Shines (2022)

The stories in 'She Shines' are like myriad precious stones in a necklace, strung together through a common thread, yet each stone has a shape and color of its own. This common thread is resilience. The female gender throughout cultures, and perhaps through her own unique feminine stance, has borne the brunt of many impossible circumstances. Yet, within her, certain persistence and forbearance exist, that can turn things around. The luminosity of light is appreciated because of the darkness surrounding it. It is this simple yet undeniable fact that threads through the stories in 'She Shines'. Our stories of resilience and victory are seasoned with two different flavors - the real and the surreal. 

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In Search of Sherpur: An Immigrant's Memoir (2021)

This book is a memoir  written by Prof. J. Bhattacharyya , US; and his search for home, describing his journey from early childhood when he had to leave his home in Sherpur, as an immigrant  travel to Kolkata during the partition, and then he  went to Delhi, later travelled to Brussels and settled down in the US. With stand-alone chapters which are hilarious as well as stories lined with pain of separation from home, family and friends,  expats and immigrants will connect with this book immediately.
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She Celebrates: 21 short stories based on Indian festivals, written by women of Indian origin (2021).

This book has 21 short stories, based on 21 Indian festivals, showcasing India’s rich cultural heritage. Wherever we live in the world, we keep these traditions close to our heart. Each story ends with a festive recipe and an illustration.

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Emotions in Rhythm: Collection of poems by women of Indian origin. Published in 2021.




Indian Grandmas Secret Recipes: Authentic recipes from 16 Indian grandmas and their families. Published in 2021.

This book features 25 authentic regional delicacies from 16 Indian grandmas across India. conceptualised by Mrs. Debjani Dutta (a grandma herself), this book includes recipes from grandmas who are 70 to 95 years old from various parts of India. It also has legacy recipes passed on by family members. During the pandemic it took almost two years for the collaborators to put together this book.

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SHE Reflects: Links to order (Short stories with female protagonists in all age groups). Published in 2021.

This book has 43 flash fictions. Written by 22 women, it follows the journey of river Ganga, with female protagonists experiencing different stages of life, in 43 micro stories. The book starts with a story set in Kilimanjaro, and ends with a story in the mother’s womb.



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Social Entrepreneurs and Change Makers: 7 global social entrepreneurs (founders and leaders) share their advice.

This book features 7 founders of social entreprises from India, Switzerland, South Africa and the US. With case studies and interviews, this book talks about how and why these leaders started their social projects, and how we, as a community can support such causes. It talks about projects to support textiles from conflict zones, educate the underprivileged, or empower women with a handicraft and skill. Each social entrepreneur adds his or her personal note, which makes the book very interesting to read.

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Sketching Diaries: 5 Swiss artists share their urban sketches and sketches from around the world and from Switzerland.

This book features 5 Swiss artists and their sketches from around the world. Paintings done from hotel rooms in Australia, to skyline sketches from New York, this book takes you round the world with anecdotes and sketching tips.

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