About the Publisher

Bose Creative Publishers

This publishing company is primarily a collaborative platform to bring together artists and writers, and publish books with a common goal. This concept is the brainchild of Mrs Brindarica Bose. She is a Swiss citizen of Indian origin, and has 18 years of work experience in print and publication. Her educational background is in Science, Business administration and in Fine Arts. 

Brindarica published her first book 'Swiss Masala' in 2018 and initiated two collaborative anthologies with ~20 talented Indian women from around the world ('She Speaks' and 'She Celebrates'), in 2019 and 2020. She works part time as a Publications  Manager and as an Art Teacher, and lives with her family in Switzerland. She strongly believes that, despite the time crunch in modern day lives, with our expertise and time, we can  facilitate a change. All we need is a good team and passion for the project.

Creativity is a strong aphrodisiac and a catalyst for change, join us as a contributor or a volunteer!