Bose Creative Publishers

This publishing company is primarily a collaborative platform to bring together artists and writers, and publish books with a common goal. This concept is the brainchild of Brindarica Bose. a Swiss citizen of Indian origin, with 20 years of work experience in print and publication.

SHE Writers Group: 7 books have been published with authors of the @SHE.Writings group, a group of 25+ women of Indian origin from 9 different countries (India, Switzerland, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, UAE, and the USA). 

Coordinators include: Ashwathy Menon (India/Coordination 2020, social media, proofreading and marketing), Ekta Khandelwal Sharma (Australia/Coordination 2020, 2021), Jesleen Gill Papneja (US/Coordination 2021), Vinita Godinho (Australia/Coordination 2023), Brindarica Bose (Switzerland, 2019-2020), Authors profile, recipe, illustration coordinators include: Ashwathy Menon, Sumona Ghosh Das, and Shinta Simon. 

Editors include:  Abhilasha Kumar (Switzerland, 2020, 2021), Ashwathy Menon (India, 2023), Brindarica Bose (Switzerland, 2019, 2020),  Ekta Khandelwal Sharma (Australia, 2023), Kamalika Ray (India, 2020), Raka Mitra (Netherlands, 2021), Rejina Sadhu (Switzerland, 2023), Nayana Chakrabarti (Switzerland, 2019, 2020), Saleha Singh (Australia, 2023), and Teesta Ghosh (US, 2020, 2021).

(In Search of Sherpur: An Immigrant's Memoir): Teesta Ghosh (US, 2021) was the chief editor, collaborator for this book.

Indian Food Bloggers:
1 book has been published in collaboration with Indian food bloggers (see list below with grandmas photos).

Urban sketchers:
1 book has been published in collaboration with 5 Swiss artists and urbansketchers.

Social Entrepreneurs:
1 book has been published in collaboration with 7 global social entrepreneurs and their founders/leads, including Asha Zurich (Switz./India), Usthi Foundation (Switz./India), Action Center for Transformation (ACT, India),  Humane Warriors (Switz./India), Rice Mill Enterprises (South Africa), Protsaah (Switz./Conflict countries), and Touching Heart (US).

Creativity is a strong aphrodisiac and a catalyst for change, join us as a contributor or a volunteer!

Photos of some of our contributors and collaborators: